Debra K. Lee

Author / Photographer / Voice Talent

About the Author...

DEBRA K. LEE is a writer, poet, and musical lyricist of extraordinary talent, vision, and compassion.

daughtersShe has made her mark as an extraordinary businesswoman, all while raising two beautiful daughters as a caring single mother.

She now sends her words and poetry into the world to help heal the spirits of people everywhere.

Originally from Indianapolis, Debra now makes her home in sunny Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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"My Gift of Love"
16 Evocative Poems by Debra K. Lee

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©copyright 2010 by Debra K. Lee

"Debra's ability to put words to our deepest emotions is unquestionably a gift
of the Spirit to each of us. She has allowed her years of life experience, much
of it challenging, to mold her into a finely tuned instrument of the Divine
Encouragement. She makes her thoughts our Thoughts, her feelings our
Feelings, her joy our Joy."

- Lance T. Walker, Senior Editor, SkyVault Multimedia Publishing



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